The 90’s Music and Youtube Downloader

The 90’s, one of the best decades for music

It’s 2017 now, but many of us still have some songs deep in their heart, the kind of songs that it can be only found back, in the music of the 90’s.

The nineties for the music were, over all, brilliant. There was an explosion of love, powerful emotions and youth. No other decade so far, has thrown up more variety and diversity. Back then, it was just too much going on. The 90’s were about new styles of sounds and young singers, about a maturity of different styles, and about legends of songs  still shining so far. There were girls and boys bands, which were examples and idols for the teen-agers of that period.

More than music, a lifestyle

The 90’s were a start for beautiful emotions, style, beliefs and incredible power for melody  felt especially by the teenagers. The songs of that decade altered and intensified their emotions and beliefs. It was just dominating their conversations and providing the ambiance for the social meetings.

The music styles of the 1990’s

The early 90’s began with great popularity for music genres like techno, often called dance or house music and hip-hop. Only few years later a new style of rock  was making an impact especially on the radios. But it lasted only few years, until the mid 90’s, because the teenagers of that time were aiming for something fresh and new.

Happy rock style, a new trend for teenagers

It could be said that they were ready at that moment for the happy-rock style. A style in contrast with the negativity of the grudge bands so far. So the mid 90’s paved the way for bumblegum pop music with young singers and boys or girls bands. They wrote important chapters in the history of music. The new arrivals  had a huge impact not only over the  charts, but over the way of life and fashion of that time.

Old music and new technology (Youtube Downloader)

If you still want to remember the feelings of the nineties songs, you can use now the internet, and especially  Youtube.  You can easily shuffle between melody charts and the most powerful and beautiful songs from the artists of that period. Enjoy now those great feelings provided by the rhythm of the 90’s, simply using modern new and technology, like an Youtube downloader.

 The artist of the 90’s and the modern times

Listen the Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguillera, Brian Adams, with their unforgettable hits and many more others, on any modern device, at any time. Create high quality file lists for *Nsyinc, Coolio, Blink 182 or any artist of the 90’s, only in few seconds, using a Youtube downloader. Enjoy mp3 files, on your smartphone or on any other device. Take the unique vocals of the nineties refrains everywhere you go, share  with your friends and create it easily. Is very easy nowadays to listen your oldie but goldie song, with a high quality of the sound.

GreenMp3, a new and a modern Youtube downloader.

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How do I download music?

For the music of the nineties or any kind of mellody you might enjoy use a Youtube downloader (

And follow few simple steps:

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