How I Download Music from Youtube using

Copy the Youtube LinK

Locate your music video URL in your browser or in the app looking for arrow and for the copy link command. At this stage you might check if the URL is copyrighted or it is flawed. We are bringing this into perspective, because it might influence your process later on, possibly stopping it altogether. Make sure you check with the owner of the link, if copyright comes into view. We are no way responsible for your infringement of the copyright or any damage that might incur from this download process.

Paste the Youtube LinK

Open our Youtube downloader on any device, smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. Simply paste the data from the buffer into the converter tab. Make sure to avoid any errors in this procedure, because it might give you errors in the Youtube convert procedure.

PRESS Convert !

The conversion process might take from several milliseconds to several seconds, depending on your location in the world and the adjacent Internet connection. Our powerful servers will help you compensate any technical inconvenience

Download the Mp3 music file

Once the youtube convert process is finished, simply press the green button Download. The mp3 music file will begin to download on your device and will be ready to use and play. Don’t forget to build your own customized playlists. Additional features and suggestions will arrive in the next posts in our weblog. Don’t miss their reading !

Convert Again using our Youtube downloader !

As a music aficionado, you will feel the urge to collect other music videos from Youtube and store them into your favorite playlist. For this reason, we encourage you to use our free tool time and time again. Come and Yt to Mp3 convert music freely and enjoy it whenever you please. To accomplish this process press the orange button which says “Convert New Video”.

Extra feature : share your story with your friends

If you want that your magical musical experience to be complete, we encourage you to share your Youtube download story with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, VK, Vimeo or Pinterest. There is nothing like having a peer appreciation of your musical tastes, especially if they are shared. In order to accomplish this, simply copy the link of the successful download page and copy in a post or tweet. Your friends will be encouraged to use our GreenMp3 to download their own music, for private use, of course.

Final step : play and enjoy !

Use our Mp3 reading program for an instant musical experience and for building your own customized music playlist. Mp3s are meant for versatile use, which means any device containing such a program will enable you instantly enjoy the music you just downloaded, fast and easy, using our Youtube downloader.  Of course, you might ask that there is an issue with the Apple environment. GreenMp3 has plans for offering you Mp3 music in the Cloud from which you can read using any specialized app from the App Store.


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