Why Tool for Youtube to Mp3 is Free?

 The free music issue :

To answer this question we would need first to evaluate what free means on the web. Secondly, we would have to see what free means for Youtube to Mp3 websites, for instance GreenMp3 in particular.

From the Berlin wall to Youtube

Internet has become a revolution after the fall of the Berlin wall, launching a sort of Fukuyama end-of-history scenario. Consequently, Internet has abolished borders, humanly imposed frontiers and has made available knowledge at an unprecedented scale. What’s more, this revolution has got into the music industry. People demand more music now from the web than they ever did on vinyl several decades ago. The democratizing impulse has materialized in the free Youtube service. From here to a free youtube to Mp3 was only one step. The jinni was out of the box.

The issue of free music on the web

Before talking about download and Youtube, one has to understand how music became free in the online environment. For start, in 2003 modern internet was in its infancy after the DotCom bubble bursted. Back then, Youtube was not yet invented and nor was a free Youtube converter. In America, 2.6 billion music files were illegally downloaded. To counteract that trend, Apple launched iTunes with its payment method of 0.99$ per tune. However, people felt the need for a service that was free of charge and more democratic. Consequently, a noteworthy year was 2005 when Youtube was launched as an online free streaming platform. It was still free, but not accessible in terms of download. Only years later, around 2010-2013, after a lengthy lawsuit, the right to a free Youtube converter was earned. The issue was that if you are downloading for private use and not make a profit, it is legal to download music.

The growth of the free Youtube convertor market

As the market of free YT to Mp3 converters grew in the cybersphere, so did the appetite for users to want more high quality service and free of charge. Converting music has become more accessible than ever before. Therefore, free of charge became industry standard in competition to other alternative music download services who charged a small fee per month or per album. Needless to say is that the pressure from the competition made all of this possible. Furthermore, the explosion of online music artists, made possible a demand for music which Youtube and conversion platforms filled very quickly.

The advent of mobile devices in relation to free Youtube convertors

The inventor of the first commercially accessible and multi-faceted smartphone was Apple. As a consequence the entire world followed this revolution. As a result, Youtube apps were invented and the use of this platform became more widespread used. For this reason, people wondered if the music videos could not be downloaded cheaper and faster, if the melody loaded in the buffer of their device. In order to accomplish that, web platforms for mobile devices were invented. Nowadays, entering a free Youtube convertor platform from your mobile device is easy. If these platforms were free on a classical browser, then they should be free on a mobile browser.

How GreenMp3 comes into play

Our goal is a next generation Youtube converter that wants to bring you faster and more reliable services, free of charge. This means we want to bring you more for free of charge. For this reason, we believe this is the only way the emancipation of mankind’s musical tastes is possible, while preserving its individual touch. To sum it up, for us the key words remain easy download and free mp3 converter. Anything less and there is regress back to a time where music was still captive for a limited audience. We say that it is free, but we encourage you find out how great our Yt Mp3 converter is!

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