The new generation music

The teenager’s music in 2017

The music for teenagers it’s always have been a hot subject. It always has been present in the spotlight. It has always been the heart of a hot generation, and the center of attention. No matter the decades, the music for teenagers have always meant lifestyle, fashion and great beliefs. So great music, great start in life.

The music in 2017

The generation of 2017 is, like the previsions generations, living both with and by the music. A music that, defines and inspires them. And so, they seem to desire more than a beautiful sound or a great rhythm. They enjoy listening a music defined by maturity, wise advices about life, happiness and of course, love.

The new wave of artist

They managed to understand the aim of the teenagers. Those artists wisely put in their songs a wide range of emotions, beliefs and experiences about life. It seems to know how to inspire and entertain at the same time. Not necessary teens, the artist of the 2017 generation are creating an amazing background for the present times. They wisely manage to describe a generation who is struggling to understand itself.

The songs of nowadays

…Have just arrive on the music background. The songs are new and fresh, but only last a season or two, and then they are gone. They are replaced by others, like it always have been. But all the songs, have somethings that stick with the teens for a life time: first kiss, first car, and first job. They now seem to last forever, but very soon they will look like a blur for them.

The music and the nowadays teens

The new generation is closer than ever to its music. The modern technology with its sophisticated devices is allowing them to literally find music everywhere. As a result most of the teens are looking for it on YouTube, and are using a YouTube online converter, like Green Mp3, so they easily create a playlist of their favorite songs.
So, if you are part of the actual generation, maybe you will enjoy some of the following songs:

  1. Ed Sheeran – ‘Castle On The Hill’
  2. ZAYN, Taylor Swift – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
  3. Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like
  4. Tony Sway – Climax
  5. Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful
  6. DJ Snake – Let Me Love You ft. Justin Bieber
  7. Tony Sway – Just Wanna Touch
  8. Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For
  9. Rihanna – Needed Me
  10. Pink – Just Like Fire

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Keep up with this generation and with the modern tools on the internet! Enjoy the gadgets of the 2017’s generation.


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